Astrox Lite 43i Strung Badminton Racquet

Take your game to new heights using this Astrox Lite 43i Badminton Racquet. It is a classic made by the well-known Yonex brand. For intermediate players looking for speed and precision, This racquet is an ideal companion for the court.

The Astrox Lite 43i features the advantage of a head-heavy balance. It provides you with increased hitting power. Its Isometric head shape provides the sweet spot is larger which allows you to create more precise shots with each swing. Made from premium graphite material, the racquet is a perfect blend of durability and flex for maximum performance.

  • Head-Heavy Balance It gives your smashes increased power to give you a dominant performance on the court.
  • Isometric Head Form: Maximizes the sweet spot, ensuring precision with every shot, and increasing overall control.
  • Fully Graphite Design: Combines strength and adaptability, providing a light yet strong badminton racquet.
  • advanced technology: ISOMETRIC, NANOMESH NEO, and AERO Plus BOX Frame for the perfect combination of speed and precision.
  • Built-in T-Joint Stability is assured and lowers torque, assuring you in every swing.
  • Control Capacity Support: Wider flat surface for better grip and improved control when playing intense rallies. Let your inner athlete shine by using Astrox Lite 43i. Astrox Lite 43i.
The Feature Description
Player Level Intermediate
Balance Head-Heavy
Head Form Isometric
Material Full Graphite
Frame Construction Built-in T-Joint
Size of the Weight/Grip 5U/G4
Strung Yes
In-Box Contents 1 Badminton Racquet with Full cover


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Astrox Lite 43i Badminton Racquet(Strung)

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