YONEX Duora Z Strike Badminton Racquet Specification:

  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Frame:HM Graphite / Nanometric DR / Hyper-MG
  • Shaft Material: HM Graphite / Nanometric / EX-HMG
  • Tension:20 – 28 lbs
  • Weight: 3U (Ave.88g)
  • Balance: Even

YONEX Duora Z Strike Badminton Racquet Technology:

  • Nanometric: Nanometric increases the strength of bonding between carbon fibres allowing us to take the construction of racquet shafts to a whole new level. By reducing the amount of carbon that is in the shaft, it makes it 60% less bulky than a traditional racquet while maintaining rigidity, YONEX has created an innovative racquet that is lightweight and has a lighter speed of your head and a more precise control.
  • Nanometric Dr: Nanometric DR is a novel carbon material that was developed by YONEX and built on our exclusive Nanoscience technology. It was created from a material that was originally designed for next-generation space travel, this is the first time that it has been employed in the racquet business. Combining the firmness of shuttles and the strength of repellency, Nanometric DR puts Duora in a category by itself.
  • Aero + Box Frame: Combines a good hitting feel and a fast swing.
  • compact frame: To keep the weight of the head of the racquet, the frame has been reduced to ensure the speedy swing required by the most advanced players. In reducing the drag created by resistance to air this head-heavy sensation is diminished and the racquet’s handling speed is improved.
  • Double Optimum SystemPower both your backhand and forehand by using dual Optimum System.
  • Duora Grommet design: The new Duora Grommet design is made up of eight connected grommets constructed with different sizes on each side of the frame. When struck with the box side, the thicker and more robust grommets on the aero side create the string bed becoming stiffer, which in turn increases the power of launch on the shuttlecock.
  • Horizontal Concept: YONEX has designed an innovative grommet pattern known as the Horizontal-A Concept that has enabled us to make the most compact frame we have ever made. The pattern horizontally ties four strings to provide more flexibility in the bed of strings and also to create a bigger sweet spot that is located at high point of frame. Even off-centre shots can be incredibly powerful.
  • Isometric: The square-shaped Isometric frame is designed to ensure that vertical strings are of the same length as the horizontal strings to create an extended sweet spot across all directions.
  • The New Grommet Design: The one-pass Grommet Hole structure offers more grommet holes to create an improved stringing pattern that is high-performance.
  • Solid Feel Core: The integrated solid feel core reduces harmful vibrations upon impact. The solid feel core is included throughout all racquets made in Japan.
  • Extra-Slim Shaft: Cutting edges, Nanometric carbon technology is utilized to make an ultra-thin super-strong, aerodynamic shaft made to give a better and more powerful shot.
  • Control Support Cap: The Cap for controlling support offers an 88% larger flat surface than a standard racket, allowing for better grasping, quick follow-through, and the most precise maneuverability.
  • Built-in T-Joint: Moulded in the graphite layers that connect the frame to the shaft The YONEX Built-in T-Joint makes an extremely strong and durable single-piece frame that is not free of torque.
  • Ex-HMG: Provides more power and clarity for every shot.

YONEX Duora Z Strike Badminton Racquet Description:

Duora Z Strike is the most recent release by YONEX 2017. It’s a Dual optimal frame base Racquet (Its refers to the fact that the cross-section of the Racquet is different on two sides. On one side, it’ll appear to be the Box style as opposed to the reverse the frame will change to Aero style). In Dual optimum frame technology, developed by YONEX The player gets two benefits with Aero Section Frame, Player will experience improved aerodynamics on the Racquet frame which will result in more efficient Racquet performance. By using a Box-type frame cross section, players will have a more rigid frame which aids in stability and repelling from the Racquet.


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