YONEX Nanoflare 1000 Z Badminton Racquet


Unique Technology, NANOMETRIC DR is a novel carbon material created by Yonex using our unique NANOSCIENCE technology. Originated from a substance created for next-generation space travel developed by Toray Industries, Inc. This is the first time that it has been utilized in the racquet manufacturing industry. Combining strong shuttle hold and high Repulsion, NANOMETRIC DR puts the DUORA in a class that is its own.

AERO Frame

More smooth contours across the racquet head to reduce resistance to wind and more speed in the racquet.

Compact Frame

Faster Swing. To help keep the racquet’s head from being too heavy the frame has been reduced to allow for the quick swing required by the most advanced players. By decreasing the drag created through air resistance sensation is lessened and the racquet’s handling speed increases.


The Sweet Spot is enlarged, ISOMETRIC technology continues to aid the best players in the world to get to the top of the league.


A next-generation, highly strong yet flexible carbon fiber, created by Toray Industries, Inc.

Solid Feel Core

It reduces vibration, the solid feel core is built into the racquet and cuts damaging vibrations caused by contact. The solid feel core is used across all racquets produced in Japan.

Sonic Flare System

Max Acceleration. The groundbreaking new graphite material, TORAYCAR M40X as well as SUPER HMG deliver unrivalled strength and stability to ensure maximum shuttle acceleration.

Ultra PE Fiber

The shaft is constructed with Ultra PEF – ultra poly ethylene fibre – that is lightweight enough to be able to float on water, yet strong enough to withstand massive forces. These characteristics ensure maximum shock absorption.

Super Slim Shaft

Reduced Air Resistance, the most slim racquet made by YONEX greatly reduces air resistance while delivering maximum control.

Energy Boost CAP

Improved Control, The new shape permits the shaft to move to maximize the benefit of “Namd[1](more flexibility and a quicker in process of kicking back graphite)” and helps stabilize the racquet’s face by stopping the shaft from twisting, thereby increasing the control

New Built-in T-Joint

The light T-Joint enhances the stability of the shuttle’s strings, which increases the power and control.


Sharper power and more precision for every shot.


The SPEED-ASSIST BUMPER is a connected grommet made of high-quality, robust material that is impervious to warping. They are connected to the lower portion of the frame to decrease the frame warp and increase the performance of repulsion.


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