YONEX Astrox 1 DG Badminton Racquet Features Technology:

  • Nanomesh Neo It ensures a more durable and flexible frame. The an increased shaft flex produces the most power.
  • Aero+box frame Combining solid feel with rapid swing.
  • A New Grommet Design The single-pass grommet hole design gives you more grommet holes and an improved stringing pattern that is high-performance.
  • The Rotational Generator system: Counterbalanced Weight Distribution Utilizing the counterbalance theory the weight is distributed across the frame’s top, grip end top, and joint to ensure the best control. The transition from one shot to the next shot is executed smoothly and with a quick intervals.
  • Control Support Cap Sharp Manueverability The cap of control support offers an 88% larger flat surface than an ordinary racquet, allowing for better grasping, quick follow-through and the best control.
  • T-Joint built-in: Strengthens the shaft and frame by eliminating head twist, allowing for better control.

YONEX Astrox 1 DG Badminton Racquet Description:

YONEX ASTROX badminton racquets are constructed using a the Rotational Generator. This counter-balanced head adjusts to each shot, enabling players control their force and slash at the opponent by increasing acceleration, a greater power and angle the smash.

Today, Astrox has teamed up with Durable Grade (DG) technology to improve the durability of badminton tennis racquets. Made from Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite similar to the top-selling YONEX Voltric DG range, YONEX Astrox DG racquets are now able to endure higher tensions as much as 35lbs!

This racquet can help you control the battle with greater strength and control.


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