The Astrox 10 DG is a medium flexible racket. This rack is made from extremely high elasticity and high modulus graphite which makes it extremely tough. This racket is able to withstand greater tension than the other Yonex rackets. The geometry of the head of the racket comes with a greater sweet spot.

NANOMESH NEO: Ensures an incredibly flexible and stronger frame. Additionally, an increased shaft flex provides the most power.

AERO+BOX Frame: Combines solid feel of hitting and rapid swing.

ISOMETRIC: ISOMETRIC technology continues to assist the top players around the world to reach their goals of global fame.

The design was developed in the last 30 years developed over 30 years ago, it was developed more than 30 years ago. The ISOMETRIC design has increased its sweet spot to 7 per cent. When compared to a standard round frame and a square-shaped ISOMETRIC tennis racquet has a bigger sweet spot by maximizing the connection between the cross and main strings.

ISOMETRIC provides greater control without sacrificing strength. 

The Rotational Generator system: By using the theory of counterbalancing, the weight is distributed evenly across the frame’s bottom, grip end top, and joint to ensure the best control. The transition from one shot to the next shot is executed smoothly and with quick intervals.

Control Support CapThe cap for control support has an 88% bigger flat surface when compared to a standard racquet, allowing for better grasping, quick follow-through, and the best ability to maneuver.


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