An all-new, world-first graphite-based material, Namd significantly improves the bonding between graphite fibres as well as resin by affixing nanomaterial directly onto the graphite fibre. In high-performance tennis racquets, it is typical to blend nanomaterials and resins to connect graphite fibres. In Namd the nanomaterials are directly bonded to graphite fibers. The strength of the resin’s strength is dramatically increased. This is a major improvement that causes the shaft to flex store energy, and deliver the force of explosion upon hitting the shuttle.


NANOMETRIC* enhances the bonding power between carbon fibres, allowing us to elevate the racquet shaft’s construction to a whole new level. Reducing the amount of carbon that is in the shaft, makes the shaft 60%* lighter than the typical racquet while maintaining stiffness, YONEX has created an innovative racquet that is lightweight and has a lighter head speed and greater control.


ISOMETRIC ISOMETRIC TM technology has continued to aid the top players of the world in reaching global success. Since its invention more than 30 years ago and patented over 30 years ago, this ISOMETRIC TM design boosts your sweet spot by 7 per cent. In comparison to a traditional round frame, the shape-shifting square ISOMETRIC TM racquet creates a bigger sweet spot due to the optimal connection between the cross string and the main one. ISOMETRIC TM gives you more control and power without sacrificing.

Rotational Generator System

Utilizing the counterbalance theory The weight is distributed evenly across the frame’s bottom, the grip’s end, the top, and the joint to ensure the best control. The transition from one shot to the next shot is done smoothly and with a quick sequence.

Energy Boost CAP PLUS

Uniquely designed cap that enhances shaft performance. The front of the cap allows the shaft to move and the sides’ curvature is designed to stabilize the racquet’s face by stopping the shaft from becoming bent.

New Built-in T-Joint

The light T-Joint improves the stability of the shuttle’s strings, increasing the power and control.


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