Yonex Astrox Is a brand new designwhich originates from the older version model dubbed Yonex Astrox the 88D.
Frame of this model is constructed of high modulus graphite, containing Tungsten and Volume cut resin.
 Volume cut resin is all new resin material while mixed with HM graphite to get extraordinary racket characteristics.

Volume cut resin provides prefect adhesion among the graphite while its weight is less. It also improves the strength as well as stability and power of the racket even at a lower weight. This means it has a better strength to weight percentage.

This racket is ideal for doubles gameswhile Astrox 88s play is specifically designed for players who enjoy allowing shuttles to be held on strings. With a longer time for shuttle hold the player can enjoy more time and thus more control over the shuttle, which is particularly helpful for exception Net area drops as well as the smash.

To increase the level of playability, Yonex uses the Energy Boost Cap concept. The Energy Boost Cap concept has a distinctive shape of cap that lets the shaft move around freely while the form of cap restricts shaft’s movement in relation to the twisting. Combining both of them will give you more control and faster smashing capability.

Product Specification

Expertise Level Intermediate
Weight (Grams) 83 (+/- 2) – 4U
Balance Point Heady Heavy
Flex Medium
Grip Size G5 (3.25 inches)
Frame Material
HM Graphite / VOLUME CUT RESIN / Tungsten
Shaft Material HM Graphite / NANOMESH NEO
Stringing Advice
20 – 28lbs
Racket Length
Stringing Status
Company Strung
Full Cover Yes


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