• YONEX Mavis 600 Shuttlecock (Pack of 3) is another good nylon shuttlecock from Yonex brand. Mavis 600 is known product for practice session and it offers close to feather shuttlecock performance. This nylon shuttlecock is developed with high quality nylon skirt which offers durable performance in different climate and weather conditions.


    • Yonex Mavis 600 is available in different speed configuration for different weather conditions. We all know that skirt of Nylon shuttle is made of nylon material which is sensitive to temperature. To overcome this problem, Yonex manufactured shuttle in 3 different color variant which will meet the required of player as per playing condition.: 
    • Product Specifications 

      • Box Contents – 1 can (Pack of 6)
      • Excellent Flight.
      • Maximum Control.
      • High Durable Nylon.
      • Cork Look Foam Base.



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