YONEX NANOFLARE 001 FEEL Badminton Racket


Flex: Hi-Flex

Frame: Graphite

Shaft: Graphite

Length: 10 Mm Longer

Weight / Grip: 5u(Avg. 78g) G4, 5

Stringing Advice: 5u 20 – 27 Lbs





– Enlarged Sweet Spot

– Isometrictm Technology Continues To Help The World’s Greatest Players Achieve Global Success.

– Developed Over 30 Years Ago, The Isometrictm Design Increases The Sweet Spot By 7%*. Compared To A Conventional Round Frame, A Square-Shaped Isometrictm Racquet Generates A Larger Sweet Spot By Optimizing The Intersection Of The Main And Cross Strings.

– Isometrictm Greater Control Without Sacrificing Power.


Solid Feel Core:

– Cuts Vibration

– The Built-In Solid Feel Core Cuts Harmful Miscellaneous Vibration At Impact. Solid Feel Core Is Carried In All Racquets.


Sonic Flare System:

– Max Acceleration

– The Revolutionary New Graphite Material Toraycar M40x And Super Hmg Provide Unrivalled Power And Stability For Maximum Shuttle Acceleration.


Control Support Cap:

– Sharp Maneuverability

– The Control Support Cap Provides An 88% Wider Flat Surface Compared With An Ordinary Racquet For Easier Gripping, Fast Follow-Through And The Sharpest Maneuverability.


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